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Master Tattooist Todo, has been around Tattooing since 1979 but didn’t choose it for a career till the 80’s. Starting in Huntington Beach, California Todo and his wife Denise took to the road where they met and worked with a few prestigious Tattoo studios. Todo soon learned many different styles in Tattooing and In 1993 Todo won best overall artist at Hollywood California’s Ink Slingers Ball for a photo-realistic rendition of chrome on skin. Since then Photo Realism has been his forte’ from Portraits to bio-mechanical.

Todo credits his achievements to Skin Deep Tattoo in Hawaii, Superior Skin Art in Fort Benning, Georgia, and Sacred Heart Atlanta, Georgia. Credit also goes to Artists like Taunee Beekman, Joe Satterwhite, Tony Olivas, Winona Martin, and Wild Bill. Also “Celebrity Clients (, like OZZY, Slash, Scott Weiland and Dean Deleo from Stone Temple Pilots, Joe Perry of Aerosmith, All American Rejects, The Foo Fighters, No Doubt, Ministry, Slipknot, and 2 Chainz played a big part in Todo’s art and Tattooing career. “Thank you for all the great times”!

Todo is by appointment only.

Portrait Tattoo Artist

Velvet Crown has many brilliant artists, and among them stands Todo, a highly talented portrait tattoo artist in Bradenton, FL. Todo’s work is celebrated for his precision, detail, and emotional depth, making him a sought-after artist for those looking to capture lifelike images of loved ones, celebrities, historical figures, and even pop culture characters.

Portrait tattoos are one of the most challenging and revered styles in the tattoo industry. They require a tattoo artist to replicate the intricate details of a person’s face, capturing not just the physical likeness but also the essence and emotion of the subject. This involves detail and precision, understanding of anatomy, and shading and texture. Every line, shadow, and highlight must be meticulously placed to accurately depict the subject. A deep knowledge of human anatomy and facial structures is crucial for creating a realistic portrait. Mastery of shading techniques is necessary to create depth, texture, and the subtle variations in skin tones. 

Todo’s portrait tattoos are known for their exceptional realism. He has a remarkable ability to capture the minute details that bring a portrait to life, from the delicate strands of hair to the subtle wrinkles and textures of the skin. His tattoos often look like photographs, showcasing his talent in creating highly detailed and lifelike images.

One of the standout features of Todo’s work is his ability to convey emotion through his tattoos. Whether it’s the joy in a child’s smile, the wisdom in an elder’s eyes, or the intensity of a celebrity’s gaze, Todo’s portraits resonate on an emotional level. This skill ensures that each tattoo is not just a reproduction of a face but a representation of the subject’s spirit and personality.

Todo’s mastery of shading techniques allows him to create portraits with incredible depth and dimension. He expertly uses light and shadow to sculpt the features of his subjects, giving his tattoos a three-dimensional quality. This skill is essential for creating realistic portraits that stand out on the skin.

Todo takes a highly personalized approach to each tattoo, working closely with his clients in Bradenton, FL, to understand their vision and the significance behind the portrait. This collaborative process ensures that each tattoo is unique and holds special meaning for the wearer. Todo’s ability to listen and translate his clients’ ideas into stunning works of art sets him apart from other artists. Make an appointment with our portrait tattoo artist in Bradenton, FL.

Realism Tattoo Artist

At Velvet Crown Studios in Bradenton, FL, we have vibrant tattoo artists, and among its standout artists is Todo, a highly skilled realism tattoo artist. Todo’s exceptional talent in creating lifelike, detailed tattoos has earned him a stellar reputation, attracting clients who seek the highest level of artistry and precision in their body art.

Realism tattoos aim to replicate real-life images with high accuracy, creating tattoos that look as close to their real-world counterparts as possible. This style demands a high level of skill and attention to detail, requiring detail and precision, mastery of shading, understanding of light and shadow. Every aspect of the tattoo, from the finest lines to the subtle gradients, must be meticulously executed. Effective shading techniques are crucial to create depth, dimension, and the illusion of three-dimensionality. Realism tattoos rely on the artist’s ability to manipulate light and shadow to replicate real-life effects on a two-dimensional surface.

Todo’s realism tattoos in Bradenton, FL are renowned for their extraordinary detail and accuracy. He has a remarkable ability to replicate the intricate nuances of his subjects, whether they are portraits, animals, landscapes, or objects. His work often looks like a high-definition photograph, showcasing his meticulous approach to capturing every fine detail.

Todo’s expertise in shading and color theory allows him to create tattoos with incredible depth and dimension. He skillfully uses a variety of shading techniques to mimic the play of light and shadow, bringing his tattoos to life. His understanding of color blending ensures that each tattoo not only looks realistic but also maintains its vibrancy over time.

While realism demands technical precision, Todo also brings his unique artistic vision to each piece. He not only replicates images faithfully but also enhances them with his creative touch, ensuring that each tattoo is not just a copy but a work of art. This blend of realism and artistry sets his work apart from others in the field.

Todo adopts a personalized approach for each tattoo, collaborating closely with clients to grasp their vision and the tattoo’s significance. This cooperative process ensures every piece is unique and deeply meaningful for the wearer. Todo’s talent for listening and translating clients’ ideas into stunning, lifelike tattoos is a cornerstone of his practice. Make an appointment with our realism tattoo artist, Todo, in Bradenton, FL.